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The Best Desert found at Quick to Go
- (no-dairy) fresh everyday
Maamool - (no-dairy) for special occasions
Namoura - (filled with coconut) upon order
KaaK -  upon order 

       Monday          09:00AM --->7:00PM
       Saturday        10:00AM--->6:00PM

       Sunday           11:00 AM ---> 3:00PM

    Lebanese Dishes to go are available
               everyday in the fridge

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Studies from universities show the benefits of a mediterranean diet in our lives.
- Not only it helps you lose weight, but it is also a very good source of protein.
- It helps you lower your cholesterol because of the unique use of Olive oil in most meals.
- Mediterranean Diet is known to prolong life and lower your risk of heart
  attacks because it is rich with all kind of vegetables.
Check out the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid for more information

Quick To Go
547 Central Avenue
Dover, NH. 03820
Phone: (603) 740-9410

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